Hawaii Sacred Weddings
for your Big Island
Weddings, Vow Renewals, Civil Union Ceremonies
There are many exotic locations in the State of Hawaii for your destination dream wedding and the Big Island is most certainly one
of them.  Here on the Big Island, one can swim with the dolphins and manta rays, snorkel and dive in beautiful warm waters, and
depending on the season, even frolic in the snow atop Maunakea
and surf at Magic Sands Beach all in one day!  The Big Island,
oftentimes referred to as 'a very spiritual place,' boasts many exotic locations island wide between Kailua-Kona and Hilo for your  
wedding in paradise. You are invited to tour our website and explore the various locations and check out our complete and
affordable wedding packages for your Big Island wedding.

* Effective January 1, 2012 Electronic Marriage License Application
* Also beginning January 1, 2012, the Hawaii Civil Unions law will be in effect enabling all couples to have the same rights as married couples.  
Now all couples, without judgement of gender, will be free to have a lawful wedding of their dreams in Hawaii.

* You may qualify for Economy Packages for military and senior citizens.

Vows Are Sacred

Be it Holy Matrimony, Vow Renewal or a Commitment Ceremony,
the exchanging of vows is a very sacred thing and should be revered as such.

"What God has joined together ... Let no man put asunder"

It is the consecration of soul mates, who when realizing their oneness, are willing to formally
and ceremoniously pledge their love to one another.
We welcome all faiths and respect others' beliefs, for the common thread that weaves us together is
the same cohesive force that binds our hearts eternally.

Sincere prayers and blessings are applied to every aspect of my
services for you from beginning
to end, even in the creation of a bridal bouquet to the weaving of a traditional Hawaiian lei.
happy couples are the living testimonies to their to their blessed event.

Rev. Terry Herbert
licensed Non-Denominational Minister
Prayer Minister

Big, Small, Intimate or Private Ceremonies

Hawaii Sacred Weddings is all that the name implies where services
are tailored to your needs, big or small, and your right to privacy is always respected.

Majestic Island Sunsets

Many couples opt for our beautiful Kona sunset weddings.  With many exotic sites to choose from, nothing could be more
magical or more romantic than to conclude your Big Island wedding or ceremony with a magnificent Kona Sunset.
Watching the sun go down together marks the ending of the "old" and beginning of your "new" life together.
A small and intimate ceremony at A Bay.
Ali'i Lavendar Farms Kula, Maui
Extaordinary sunsets are a delightful surprise.
Sunset wedding Kailua-Kona
Wedding on my birthday at a Milolii vacation home.
A dream wedding at the Sheraton Keauhou.
A romantic silhouette.
Togerther at last in the magical sunbeam.
Tropical Anthurium Bouquet compliments their wedding bands.
All white bridal bouquet and matching lei to match couple's black attire.
enchanting Kailua-Kona sunset weddings
romantic Big Island beach Weddings
Sunset wedding at Four Seasons, Kona
Beautiful bride on a Lava bed.
Newlyweds are casual and relaxed.